About Ana

Ana was born with the gift of spirit guide mediumship, and the ability to tap into the Akashic field. She is visibly clairvoyant, and sees energy out in front of her 24/7, and feels presences to the intensity of feeling the outlines of their bodies and their movements. She has a very close relationship with each of her guides, and has the ability to tap into the spirit guides of others, accessing their knowledge and information. 

Ana is a self-taught reader, channel & karmic clearer who received all of her in-depth training from her own guides during a 7 year period, starting at the age of 15, of channeling almost every day, intense periods of fasting, and stepping away from the material world for that time. She celebrated her 22nd birthday (the 7th year) by going out into the woods and meditating. Ana chose abstinence, separating herself from humanity and worldly things. During that time Ana focused on healing her own shadow, and building relationships with her guides and helpers in spiritual realms.

As a result of this abstinence and intense time of self-reflection her spiritual gifts and abilities became heightened and crystal clear. At the end of that 7 year period Ana began reading and channeling for the public.

Present day, Ana is a wife and mother of four ages 2-7, is the channel for the Council for the Assistance to Earth, and has tapped into the guides of numerous clients from all over the world.

About the Council for the Assistance to Earth

At the age of 4 Ana vividly remembers her guide giving her directions when she was lost. His familiar voice had spoken to her many times before, and she trusted the voice. As always it led her in the right direction. 

Throughout her childhood the voice continued to randomly give her guidance when it was most needed, but at the age of 15 Ana decided to initiate contact with the voice so that she could form an open communication. This led to long dialogues channeled over hours of time each and every day. 
Raised in a very religious household, in the beginning Ana believed she was channeling Jesus and Father god, but the voice slowly talked her out of her indoctrinated religion, Christianity, and formerly introduced himself as Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. For 7 years Ana channeled the Council in private before she began publicly channeling them in 2010.

The Council for the Assistance to Earth operates 10,000 years in our future, and they are a multiversal council made up of billions of members from all over this universe and several others that are tasked with aiding Earth and other developing worlds to ascend. Their version of ‘ascension’ is a little different. They once operated in limited physical forms, but they gained mastery over the physical dimension and now operate in bodies that they call ‘physical light’ forms which do not require food, water or sleep, and which do not age or die.

Their messages assist humanity with evolving to their level of operation, and merging our physical forms more and more with our light body. To do this we must realize that all limitations this world presents are truly illusions, and our Real self is not touched by those illusions or by any beliefs we have agreed with. The Council teaches that to become merged with our physical light bodies we must merge with our Real self, purging the shadow self of all the beliefs that conflict with our Reality (the term the Council uses for the ‘higher self’). 

In 2010 Ana began publicly channeling 4 members of the Council that speak on their behalf. 

Faleekastrina, Head of the Council for the Assistance to Earth, is Ana’s future self. She originates from another universe where she operates in an emotional body rather than a physical one. Her second home is Earth, and she has a long history of Earth lifetimes in many of its dimensions.

She helps those who wish to open up to their divine feminine energy, to embrace their intuition, and their emotional self while keeping a balance with their divine masculine energy. She can help with finding your purpose, and walking down your true path in life. She especially helps those who are called to lead.

Memchat (mehm-kat) is Faleekastrina’s partner, and Adam’s future self. He operates on the 9th dimension, and had only a few but very meaningful lifetimes on Earth. One of his most significant lifetimes on Earth occurred during the fall of Atlantis, and many lifetimes later he recreated/shifted back to his original Atlantean form which he currently operates through. During his Atlantean lifetime he lost his entire family, and every person he was close to. His name, Memchat, is the Atlantean word meaning ‘ruin’. He took on that name because what destroyed him became his strength. While channeling he adds the name Ezekiel to his name which means ‘strength of god’. 

Memchat can be called upon for mental and intuitive clarity, and for strength during hard times. He brings the energy of truth and clarity to those who call on him, along with unwavering faith. 

Plashdar the Andromedan works as an ambassador to other races as a spokeswoman on behalf of the Council. She is the oldest of the seven council members, and leads an Andromedan council that also assists Earth. 

Because of her large brain capacity she can help anyone who is a student or professor, or anyone wishing to learn a new skill. She can also aid in connecting to the akashic records and to universal knowledge.

Fongeetale (fhun-ghee-tuh-lay) is an elemental from another planet in close proximity to Earth operating in another dimension. His planet is very dark, and is illuminated by plants on the ground. The air on his planet is filled with a light mist. As an elemental reflecting the nature on his planet his form is made of mist and light. 

Fongeetale’s vibration is always serene and calm. He soothes and comforts those who call on him, easing their emotions and bringing stillness to their thoughts. He can also heal physical illnesses.

In 2012 Ana met her husband, Adam, and soon afterwards met 3 other Council member’s and began channeling them for the public as well — Talia the Pleiadian, Safon the Sirian, and The Eternal Child.

Talia is the High Priestess of the Council, and leads all of their spiritual gatherings including gatherings with the primary focus of sending telepathic communications and frequencies to humanity. Singing and chanting is a common way that these frequencies are tapped into, and through the aid of technology these frequencies are sent to Earth to aid receptive humans in their spiritual awakening.

Talia can be called upon to develop your spiritual and psychic gifts. She also brings joy to those around her and helps to raise your vibration. 

Safon means Sirius business. His race evolved through warfare because with more than one inhabitable planet in the Sirian system, certain negative races wanted to take over, and warfare was common. As a result his Sirian race became very quick on their feet and light in their heart, able to become serious at a moment’s notice when warfare was suddenly called for, and able to live joyfully during time of peace. 

Safon knows that the best way to raise your vibration is with laughter. He’s always got a dad joke up his sleeve. Call on him for psychic protection against any form of negativity, and to lift your spirits. 

The Eternal Child is androgynous, and part of a race that doesn’t age fully to adulthood, but rather remains eternally in a child’s form. The Eternal Child is a very pure soul, and is on the highest vibration of the 7. 

Call on The Eternal Child to heal your own inner child and childhood wounds. Call on them to create, explore, and play, to forgive yourself and others, and to love fully.