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Patrons Only

This page is solely for members of One True Voice. Sessions included on this page are not included on my regular services pages. All of these sessions are already marked down by 15% which is a discount for all patrons so you can order them directly from here. To receive the discount on any session on my public services pages you will need to contact me so that I can bill you directly.

Intuitive Talking Sessions

Unlock your greatest self, and unleash your full potential to yourself and the world!

Intuitive Talking sessions combine all my years of energy healing techniques to clear and activate your energy field along with my channeling abilities to communicate directly to your soul all the words your guides and angels most want it to hear right now. As your soul responds to the channeled communication it will further its own healing enhancing the overall energies present during the session.

This is a 20-30 min session available through audio only. Once the session is complete it will be uploaded privately to YouTube and you will be sent your unlisted link.

Due to the nature of this session it cannot be ‘scheduled’. It is a spontaneous channeled message that comes through in divine timing.

Intuitive Talking Sessions

Consecutive Days of Transformation

These sessions are meant to transform your inner and outer world. After coming into my new healing abilities I realized that longer clearings/activations were much harder for most people to integrate/process, and many guides wouldn’t come through for longer sessions. As a result I had to shorten session times. Guides would also never do any back to back sessions as I used to do. However!! The solution I’ve come to is to do much shorter sessions but on back to back days. What is so amazing about doing back to back sessions on consecutive days is that energies build up from each previous day (meaning the longer the amount of days the more healing will occur) resulting in a tremendous amount of healing, much more than a person would get from a single session. The momentum of energy causes a ripple affect that spreads out into many areas resulting in many things surfacing in a short time allowing those things to be removed/healed and/or activated very easily.

So keep in mind that while these sessions are already discounted from the regular price, there is also the added value of the sheer amount of extra lifetime removals, activations, and deep clearing that will occur.

These packages are available through email for the duration of 11, 33, 66 or 99 Days. Each session is between 7-11 minutes long. Each day I will write out what transpired during the session, and at the end of every 11 day segment I will send you the transcript of everything that was cleared/activated.

Consecutive Days of Transformation Packages